OSRTC mainly operates five types of coaches namely

  1. High-end Luxury Bus – 2/2 Volvo Coach.
  2. AC-Deluxe – 2/2 AC Coach.
  3. Deluxe / HI TECH – 2/2 Luxury Coach.
  4. HI COMF – 3/2 Comfortable Coach.
  5. LCV Coach – 2/2.

The Corporation runs 264 services including some Interstate services.

Special services

Special services are run by the Corporation during festival time such as Car Festival or natural calamities like flood.

Reserving a bus

For reserving a bus the administrative head of the nearest unit is to be contacted.

The charges are as follows:

Sl. No. Charges Hi-Tech
1 Hire-charges per Km. Rs.50.43 Rs.46.80 Rs.36.00 Rs.65.36
2 Concessional rate to Educational / Cultural / Athletic Institute observing all formalities (per Km) Rs.44.38 Rs.41.18 Rs.31.68 Rs.57.52
3 Minimum reservation charges excluding detention charges. Rs.5043.00 Rs.4680.00 Rs.3600.00 Rs.6536.00
4 Minimum reservation charges at concessional rate excluding detention charges. Rs.4438.00 Rs.4118.00 Rs.3168.00 Rs.5752.00
5 Detention charges per hour Rs.160.00 Rs.150.00 Rs.140.00 Rs.250.00